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Your primary material.
A round claybot.
MacroFidelity resolution at 2mm
Energy self-sufficient
Up to 12 neighbors
Supports weight 10x its own
FCC/CE compliant

Smart base

Your modular building plate.
A smart base filled with claybot.
Up to 9 bases together mode
2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless; Bluetooth 5.0, BLE;
32GB eMMC Flash memory
USB-C power


Your add-on that keeps you synced.
A laptop with an eiffel tower half solid half claybots.
Up to 2 simultaneous individual users
Seamless CAD integration
Smart base monitoring
Knowledge base
Direct support
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Build with different volumes

Assemble up to 9 stands together to extend the build volume, in all kind of configurations needed, square, rectangle and line.
Volume S : 15×15×15* cm (5.9"×5.9"×5.9")
Volume M : 32×32×30* cm (12.6"×12.6"×11.8")
Volume L : 49×49×45* cm (19.2"×19.2"×17.7")
*Not limited to, depending on the physical constraints of your structure.
6 smart stands in a shape of L.
6 smart stands in a "L" shape assembly.
6 smart stands in a shape of L.6 smart stands in a "L" shape assembly.