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For the future of exploration

Phigi produces the first generation of autonomous microrobots

We make microrobots.
Design, build, and program them.
So thousands of them collaborate to create value for you.


Move harmful activities away from the Earth

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our planet is suffering as a result of humanity’s actions. Space exploration offers a promising avenue for helping the planet to recover, but it also carries with it a number of potential pitfalls. Given the current pace of technological advancement, the window of opportunity for exploring space is rapidly closing, leaving us little choice but to focus our efforts on mitigating the damage already done. At Phigi, we are committed to increase the pace of space exploration with a first of a kind way to organically grow structures that can be constantly updated.

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They trust us

From private to academic laboratories

Our microrobots are the building blocks of our customers' products of the future:

Reconfiguration algorithms, collective behaviors, human-robot collaboration, reconfigurable furniture, coordination algorithms, swarm intelligence, programmable matter, distributed algorithms, dynamic 3D shape displays...


Pushing physical boundaries with Phigi

Le Trois | Special Issue #7 | April 2024

The Montbéliard start-up is working on a breakthrough technology. The company is developing a solution based on a programmable matter linked to digital tools. Thousands of micro-robots can be assembled and disassembled indefinitely.


Micronora | September 24 > 27, 2024 | Besançon

Industry space days | September 18 > 19, 2024 | Noordwijk

RTNC | November 14, 2024 | Toulouse