Meet the Interactive Clay™

The world's first phygital material that you can control in real time. It is composed of thousands of microbots that self-assemble into one shape and reassemble into another, at will.

Physical = Digital

Your prototype made in Interactive Clay communicates with Phigi CAD software extension. It converts a succession of microbots into vertices and edges from their respective centers, to create or modify 3D solids.

Start thinking phygital

Design, present, share, thousands of microbots come together to express concepts that will speak to 100% of your collaborators, whether they are fond of physical models or prefer digital ones. The models are interconnected and can be modified at the same time by hand or by mouse, the choice is yours.

Easy to use

As intuitive as play dough, as real as clay, this is a digital design tool, with your hand as primary input method, with natural touch feedback.

Truly rapid prototyping

Self-assembling a prototype in the real world with Interactive Clay from your digital model is almost instantaneous.

Workflow integration

Connect the Interactive Clay to your favorite CAD or rendering software on compatible devices, with the simple download of the Phigi add-on, or app.

Local execution

Choose between secure conversion in the cloud or local model conversion on your device. Either way, your security policy remains intact.

Phygital interaction

Apply changes in both directions at the same time with a mouse, a remote control , or by hand, with real-time updates on the digital and analog counterpart.

Remote collaboration

Work on the ergonomics, organize review sessions, rework the prototype together, as if you were touching and seeing the same model in the same room.

Connect hand crafters, with signal crafters.

Shape your ideas, from sketch to detailed model, all from real 3D materials. Share your creation with your collaborators to adapt the prototype in real time according to their reactions to real-life tests. Even if they are not in the same room. All without disconnecting you from the engineering workflow.
How it works

You're already a few steps away

Download the Phigi add-on

Fast to install, you simply need to sign up and subscribe to the plan of your choice to activate the add-on.

Connect wirelessly

Turn on the Smart Base™ to enable wireless discovery. It then will appear in the list of available devices so you can pair it with your account.

Convert & build

Open a solid from an existing project or create a new one, then initiate the conversion into a matrix of microbots. Once done, your Interactive Clay starts forming the same shape you have on screen.

Start interacting from both worlds

Check the option to see updates in real-time from your mouse to the Interactive Clay, or from your collaborator's hands to your model.

Sync multiple instances remotely

Synchronize your model with other open instances on different sessions, and on multiple sets of Interactive Clay around the world.

Meet the Interactive Clay

The world's first phygital matter that you can control by hand or mouse. It is made from thousands of round microrobots that can self-assemble into any shape and reassemble into another at will.

High resolution

A single microbot has a diameter of ø 3mm, small enough for macro details, large enough to be handled by hand.


The patented technology behind each microbot uses the same harmless electrostatic forces that allow a balloon to stick to your sweater.
iPhone mockup

Energy self-sufficient

The entire system is battery-free and powered by energy harvesting, which extends its life cycle and facilitates recycling.


A little brain is hidden inside each microbot, allowing you to handle them individually.

We are following this startup with great interest. If their work succeeds, it could be of interest to styling departments, for example automotive, especially when they work on different countries or continents. It is therefore quite natural that Stellantis keeps an eye on this startup, and that the Mattern Lab has the pleasure to host them.

Jean-Charles Lefebvre
Head of Corporate Communications, Stellantis France
Chairman of the Mattern Lab

Tomorrow, THIRD could be promoters of Phigi's interactive clay to facilitate our clients early conception.

Franck Balin
General Manager, Third 03rd