Digital designs
Physical creations

Phigi's Interactive Clay is a physical material connected to your digital platform, that helps you transform the way your customers understand 3D spaces, without the hassle of mockups. 

Interactive Clay

This is a claybot

Thousands of claybot can self-assemble into any shape, and reassemble into another, indefinitely.

High resolution

A single claybot has a diameter of ø 2mm, small enough for macro details, large enough to be handled by hand.


Each claybot uses the same harmless forces that allow a balloon to bond with a sweater.

Energy self-sufficient

Longer life cycle and easier to recycle, thanks to our battery-free solar harvesting chip.


The world's smallest computer is hidden inside each claybot, allowing you to control them individually.

This is how it works

From digital to physical and conversely.

Claybots define shapes ...

When connected together, the center of each claybot is converted into a vertex or edge, which together describe a complex solid volume.

... contained in a smart box...

Volume data is relayed between the claybots and a computer through a very clever unit that act as both a container and a stand for your Interactive Clay models.

... connected to your software

Our software extension updates the vertices and edges of the solid volume to and from the model in Interactive Clay.




Challenge Alten OpenMind winner


Modular robotics World records


HEC C+ Best Business Plan (3rd)


X-HEC Startup mission


Deeptech founders


Hello Tomorrow Deeptech Pioneers

Physical. Digital. Simultaneous.

Discover applications

From architecture, urban design, interior design, to health, automotive and more.

They believe in us

"We are following Phigi with great interest. If their work succeeds, it could be of interest to styling departments, for example automotive, especially when they work on different countries or continents. It is therefore quite natural that Stellantis keeps an eye on this startup, and that the Mattern Lab has the pleasure to host them."

Jean-Charles Lefebvre

Head of Corporate Communications, Stellantis France

"Tomorrow, THIRD could be promoters of Phigi's interactive clay to facilitate our clients early conception."

Franck Balin

General Manager, Third 03rd


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