We are always amazed how prospects get so creative using our claybots.
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Architectural models

Assemble a new building with Interactive Clay, take it out of its stands and place it in the scale mockup to test how it fits into the neighborhood. Add or remove claybots by hand directly from the mockup, and put the Clay model back on its stand to apply the changes on the CAD version.


Scale clay model

Import a previous version of the car style into your CAD software and watch it self-assemble with claybots. Then immediately start deriving from the old to the brand new style for your next line of cars. Once you're done, the mesh is already up to date in the software, so you can send your design to the real clay milling machine, or share the file with others.


Reconfigurable sculptures

Own artworks like never before, display authentic sculptures in the same physical space and switch between your favorite artists in a few minutes. Each work of art has a unique assembly sequence that belongs to you, protected by a decentralized hash code stored in Web 3.0 that only you can replay thanks to your digital keys stored in your Smart Stands.

Never run out of space, never run out of trends.


Terrain analysis

Portray terrain features in a measurable way, including the horizontal and vertical positions (relief) of features represented, such as hills or ridges. Arrange natural and artificial physical features to influence the location and characteristics of built form, drainage, movements and routes, and green infrastructure.

Interior design

3D space visualization

How often do your clients struggle to understand spaces from a 2D plan, even from a beautiful 3D rendering on a screen? Immerse your clients and future owners in an interactive model of their new home. Make changes in real time, by hand or from your computer.


Prosthetics and orthotics

See how medical devices or replacement parts made from claybots fit with an accurate model of the human body 3D printed with FDM or SLA, and modify it accordinly.

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