Frequently asked questions

Check out the recurring questions about the uses of phygital models and claybots technology.

Do clay robots emit light and color?

Not at the moment. Light emission consumes a lot of energy. Energy management is a critical aspect of embedded systems.

Is it possible to remove an Interactive Clay model from its base?

Once fully assembled, a model composed of claybots can be detached from the base without running out of power or risking damage.

How long claybots hold together away from the base?

As long as you keep them in the normal ambient lighting conditions (artificial and natural light).

How many bases can stay synchronized with each other?

We have pushed our software to synchronize up to 9 Smart bases working together to assemble a model, but this is not an absolute limit.

Can I contribute somehow?

Yes! Join our Discord server and ask questions or reply to existing topics.

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